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30 Jun

Interview in English to Carlos Goga by Drew Crosby about #lovetopía

Journalist Drew Crosby interviewed to Carlos Goga on June 29th, 2015, for his radio program "Highways & byways" at Vaughan Radio. The interview happened in English and took 25 minutes. The talking has been about the origins of the novel  #lovetopía and its relationship with the novel Ecotopía, by Ernest Callenbach, covering also the publishing of the 2nd. Edition of the novel #lovetopía.

Carlos Goga offers a short introduction about the origins of #lovetopía and its relationship with Ecotopía with the following words: 

"I read (Ecotopia) again in Spanish then I felt it was kind of obsolete, not updated, not talking about the world we are living in (…) It is important to share that my professional living has always been in the digital industry, dealing with technologies and the internet and how the internet has changed all society, business, and the self; so kind of I wanted to include the whole phenomenom of the transformation we have been gone thru for the past three decades into the book"

When the journalist asks about the concept of Love in #lovetopía, Carlos Goga says as follows:

"The thing is if we think a little bit about how we live, everything is happening around money. From a society point of  view, it looks like money is the only important thing. We talk about markets, we talk about GDP, and we listen everyday growth, growth, growth, but they don't say that is is money growth, money growth, money growth. That is the money thing. Companies is just profit, profit, profit, everything should be done if there is a profit to be made. And coming out of this, we individuals behave the same way. The most important thing is to work for money, do things for money, use money to get things. So #lovetopía, in that sense, is kind of a challenge of what would happened if where there is money, we put love."

You can find the full interview in youtube or at  the Vauguan Radio podcast channel. See you in Lovetopía!

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